“My Hope Is Dashed, Dreams Dead”– Veteran Actor “Tunde Yussuf” Mourn The Death Of His Son Rokeeb Abidemi Who Is An Exceptional upcoming Actor But Passes Away Today ‎ ‎

Veteran actor Tunde Ola Yusuf has shared a video of a teen actor Rokeeb Abidemi Raji who is expected to be his son that recently kicked the bucket today.

He prayed that may we not lose any of our children at a very young age.

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He further revealing that it’s from God that we came and it’s from him that we shall all return.

He wrote: Hope Dashed!!!
Dreams Dead!!!
Vision Blurred!!!
Mission Aborted!!!

We can only find succour in the fact that “inna lillahi wa ina ilaehi rojihun – From Allah we come and unto him we shall all return”

Please choose a long life if you are reincarnated, Good Night Rokeeb Abidemi Raji…

See social media reaction on the young actor death below;

Iamoyetolaelemosho wrote: I feel so bad right now …God! He was a very smart boy ..REST ON CHAMP

Ibukun_ades wrote: It is well..rest well boy
Olorun ma je ka foju sukun omo

Bukkylawal wrote: Haaaaaaaa …… What happened to him?

Iamoloyedebas wrote: Hummmmm, so sad, hummm, may his soul rest in peace

Officialblackbony wrote: Innalillah no parent deserve dis pain. May God console the family, Grant him Jannah

Empressprettywears1 wrote: Ina Lila hi waina ilaehi rojiun so sad

Simply _yhemzy wrote: Lord have mercy may God rest his soul

Watch his video below;

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