“I want my wife to leave the new house Pastor build for us and come and live with me in my family house”- Muyideen say as the drag his wife to human right” ‎

Nigerian man Muyideen has taken his stand about his wife whom he married when he was still with Pastor Agbala Gabriel, speaks as he takes wife to human right

Muyideen started with that what he wanted to tell his wife was that as long as he did not divorce her and if she still loved him, she should be ready to live wherever he lived.

What he wanted was for his wife should leave the house the pastor built for them and come and start living with him in the one-room apartment he lives in now.

My wife taught I will be homeless when I leave Agbala Gabriel that’s is why she refuse to follow me, she can come back and meet in my single room she still love me

Many netizens react to his video

Olayinka hanna wrote: My God my God,when any of my helper is about to watch any of Muyideen ingrate video,may his or her data finish,or may the network of his or her area be bad in Jesus name

Funke babatunde wrote: You are acting as a Christian before she met you,she will never come near you being a Muslim now ,.so go and fight for devorce and marry amida

Adekomoya wrote: Opoor fun muyideen 😂😂😂 from landlord to tenant 😂😂😩😩😩 from grace to grass

Akinbola wrote: As at today, he is still the husband of that woman until they’re formally divorced. If she’s still willing to marry him she should go back to him otherwise she should call for divorce.

We are in a free world. If he decides to leave the environment that is his choice. What is the essence of owning a house without peace of mind? If he perceived he is not having peace of mind and decided to leave, let him be.

Many of us commenting online may we not regret our stand.

If the woman is willing to stand by him good she should go back, but if she married him because of his faith and where she came from, good she should divorce him.

Adekunle yakub wrote: this case is very simple, agbala Gabriel was the one that forced him to marry inside the church as he claimed,now you are very free to marry your initial fiancee…leave ibukun alone na,abi na agbala still say make you no marry for former afesona

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