Drama ensues As 50-year-old man visits Mark Angel’s crib to seek and Beg Emmanuella To Marry Him (Video) ‎

Mark Angel, the seasoned maestro of comedy sketches, who molded and guided Emmanuella since she was a mere tyke of 5, was utterly flabbergasted at the notion of her tying the knot with a 50-year-old gent who waltzed in with unwavering confidence, seeking her hand in marriage. The ensuing pandemonium during the prank marriage proposal unleashed a riot of hilarity and chaos.

In a well-coordinated plan with the Skitmaker’s manager, he entered under the guise of a fan bearing gifts. Mark Angel, moved by the gesture, unsuspectingly allowed him in.

Seated comfortably inside the Skitmaker’s crib, the fictitious suitor revealed his intention to marry Emmanuella, an assertion that Mark Angel and Emmanuella found very funny at first. Emmanuella, in response, humorously quipped that he’s old enough to be her father.

However, when Mark Angel realized the 50-year-old man wasn’t joking and persistently insisted on his marriage intentions, he became agitated. Mark Angel explicitly stated that he wasn’t in the position to give Emmanuella away, emphasizing that it’s her dad’s right to make such decisions.

As tensions reached a boiling point, one of Mark Angel’s team members couldn’t take it any longer and erupted in a confrontation with the persistent suitor.

The face-off turned into a chaotic scene, prompting the Skitmaker to put a call through to his security. In the heat of the confrontation, he instructed everyone to step outside.

It was at that very moment that Untouchable and Flower Boy emerged to spill the beans, revealing it was all a prank. The revelation left Mark Angel and Emmanuella utterly gobsmacked.


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