“My Daughter Is Not The Age She’s Telling You” Regina Daniel’s Father Finally Opens Up Reason He’s Against Her Daughter’s Marriage To Ned (Video)

A Lagos based lawyer identified as Barrister Jude Ojeogwu has claimed paternity of the actress and went ahead to share his thoughts and misgivings about the union.

In a recent audio interview he pointed out that the introduction rites were held in her mother’s family compound instead of the father’s ancestral home at Azungwu Quarters in the same town, Ogwashi-Uku, neither was he consulted or invited to the daughter’s pre-nuptial rites.

The alleged father expressed further disapproval of the union stating that his daughter is still a teenager and is actually 20 years old not 21 as she claims.

He explained that he had called his daughter to tell her that she was threading the wrong path, but she told him she loves the politician.

He is said to be in no way involved in the forthcoming wedding at the time they got married in April 2019, rather her mother, Rita Daniels and her people are said to be fully in charge.

This situation is believed to be due to the fact that Ojeogwu, Regina Daniels biological father, did not pay the traditional bride price on her mother’s head as required by custom and so cannot receive same on behalf of the daughter as he is not traditionally recognized as her father.

It was leant that Ojeogwu and Daniel’s mother, Rita, lived for many years in both Ogwashi-Uku and Lagos and had other children besides Regina Daniels before going their separate ways.

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