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Why I feel more down because of his close friends, Kemity and others” Debbie Shokoya spills as she reveals her fears over Sisi Qaudri’s death

Nollywood actress, Debbie Shokoya has joined the rest of her colleagues to mourn their colleague, Sisi Quadri who died on Friday.

Taking to her Instagram page, she revealed that she has been living in fear of coming to Instagram since Friday because of the news.

She revealed that her head keeps banging, however, she believes that all will be well. She is more concerned about his close friends, Kemity, Funmi Awelewa, Olaniyan Tosin, and Apankufor.

Noting how it’s hard to lose someone so close, especially a joy giver, she sent prayers to his family and close friends.

“I have been so scared of coming to Instagram since yesterday because of this news. My head keeps banging but it is well.

God will forgive his sins and shortcomings.

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