“If You Have N20m In Nigeria And You Wan Japa Abroad You Are Not Okay” – Actor Aremu Afolayan (video) ‎

Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan has taken a strong stance against Nigerians who, despite having a comfortable life in Nigeria with substantial funds, choose to emigrate in search of better opportunities. In a recent video featuring his colleague Baba Tee, Aremu Afolayan expresses frustration with those selling properties valued at over N20 million to move abroad.

The actors strongly disapprove of the decision to relocate, emphasizing the challenges faced by Nigerians overseas. They highlight the harsh reality of families sleeping in car parks abroad, using it as an example to caution against the misconception that life in foreign countries is always better.

Aremu Afolayan and Baba Tee criticize individuals with significant funds who sell their properties to pursue opportunities abroad, labeling such decisions as unwise and irrational.

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