“She Is Finally Pregnant”– Fans React To The Viral Video Of Anty Ramota’s Pregnancy With Her Man (Watch) ‎

Oko Ramota has shared a love-up video with Anty Ramota revealing how much he loves Anty Ramota.

Oko Ramota reveals that as he is a caring boyfriend he needs someone like Anty Ramota who is an understanding babe with a good attitude.

He took Anty Ramota to KFC in Lagos and some of her fans even recognised her and were creating her but she refused to reply to them, by just turning deaf here to them.

He Wrote: As a Caring boyfriend you need to understand ur babe attitude

See social media reaction below;

Feranmi_beauty_home wrote: Ile aiye tisun aunty ramota,but then as a understanding bf you should understand that she needs Amala, chicken and chips bi bawo

Destiny_luxury wrote: What is wrong with her, and why does she ALWAYS have an attitude if she is not happy being on camera all the time she can say NO unless she doesn’t know how! Whi wants to always see misery?!

Wunmy_xx wrote: Nah me go put asunder,unless I find my one luv cus this oppression is too much

Destiny_osei wrote: The guy no understand Aunty ramota sey them Dey sell Amala there ni

Nikky_baby419 wrote: Keep on taking care of her so richy can leave her alone

Gloryokon272 wrote: For the last time, who buy this kind of phone for aunty Ramota.

Lilianrichard_ wrote: No one has answered my question, please guys are they really dating or it’s just cruise.

Watch The Video Below:

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