Top 5 Tribes With The Most Expensive Bride Price In Nigeria.

Top 5 Tribes With The Most Expensive Bride Price In Nigeria

.1. MBAISE (IMO) Mbaise bride list is known as one of the costly and they are recognized as milking the grooms with the title of conventional marriage.

The bride list depends on the level of education of the bride.

Mbaise bride costs might be pegged at over N100,000.

Whereas marriage lists can run into N800,000 or N1 million

2. ANNANG (AKWA IBOM)The ethnic group can also be the second-largest within the state, after the Ibibio ethnic group.

Any groom who intends taking a bride from this region must be ready to fullfill the traditional rites which are indeed expensive.

3. EFIK (CROSS RIVER) Efik are the south-south ethnic of Cross river.

Not only is the traditional marriage is expensive but the potential groom is expected to throw a carnival like party for the traditional marriage, more if the bride is from an influential homeAn Efik bride is estimated in pounds, 12 pounds exactly.

The explanation for that is tied to the large affect of colonial actions on the Efiks.

4. IBIBIO (AKWA IBOM)Marrying the primary daughter of an Ibibio, known as ‘Adiaha’ is just not solely demanding, financially, it requires a number of conventional rites, similar to bearing a sacrifice and a ritual ceremony and requires the groom to purchase a cow.

5. BORORO (ADAMAWA) In marrying a Bororo lady, the potential groom is requested by the bride’s household to supply 10-15 dwell cows.

This in itself is over millions and never in any means the bride worth.

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