“Ask Your Mother If Your Father Took Care Of Her As I Do, Leave My House If You Want To Leave, Am Tired Of Your Ungrrateful Behaviour”–Portable Blaasts Omobewaji Packs All Her Load Put Outside (Details) ‎

Portable has continued the kind of lifestyle he always chooses to be right from the onset with his first wife Omobewaji on social media this morning.

He sent his first wife back home to ask his mother if her father take care of her if mother the same way he was taking care of her.

He also revealed that Omobewaji did not love him, the love she had for him was because of money and if they removed his surname from her name, she become nothing again.

Read the chat summary: ‘If they remove my name from your name you are nothing. You h*te me because another woman had a child for me. Were you not the one that said you have stopped childbearing? Everything I do for you, you are not grateful. It is my money you love. You always tell me everytime that you would leave but enjoyment did not allow you to. You are an ungrateful woman. Ask your mother if your father took care of her like I do. There are women begging me to come back. The moment you leave, you are not coming back to my house. Go if you want to go, I am not your slave’ -Singer Portable blasts his wife Omobewaji.

Read some social media reaction below;

Oyin_lagos wrote: Ladies, learn to respect yourself. Keep your dignity and integrity intact…. Be contented with what you have make one man no kon dey insult your parents oooo. Cos this is complete rubbish 💯

Uniqueasookeandfabrics wrote: This is what you get when you don’t earn a living and a man foot all your bills! Only God knows what she goes through behind close doors. Enjoy the fame and disgrace altogether 🤨

Halenbanky wrote: These are what you suffer as a woman when you refuse to hustle. God forbid a husband like this. 😢

Footie_by_peace wrote: Apart frm all dis nonsense e Dey do sef,which one is any small fight u go add ur wives parents and insult dem….Omo dis is arrant nonsense 🤮🤮🤮no regard fr ur in laws too

Dried_ewedu_seller wrote: Fear men Wey get loose mouth, nothing this guy no fit talk. No self cautious. This thing some of you are calling cruise,hhhhmmnn! He’s even referring to her parent for illustration, o wrong now, haba

Adigun_olawunmi_aduni wrote: Apart from a lady getting her money you see man wey get respect , Godly man and A man that’s educated is important cuz after two kids and baby mamas😂 what do you want her to born again ? President Abi governor😂 what’s with all these public disgrace for Christ sake. This marriage nah God Unwhen

Adorableesq wrote: You what’s painful? After all this insult she will still remain there. Parents show their children the true meaning of love ❤️, so they know what love is.

See the chat below (Swipe Left)

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