“No food for lazy man but there’s always food for lazy woman, I feed you and your family” – Portable Blast his 1st wife, Omobewaji

Nigerian singer Portable publicly disregarded his wife Bewaji on social media, calling her a slacker and unappreciative person.

The debate, which included Portable’s controversial comment, “No food for lazy man, but there’s always food for lazy woman,” has inspired a range of emotions online, with some requesting privacy and others finding amusement in the matter.

Just when we thought it was over, Bewaji shared a post on her Instagram recently where she called herself a queen yet again, encouraging her followers and admirers to follow their own desires.

She gave the explanation that people tend to forget kindness rapidly and will only appreciate someone when they are in need.

In her words: “This life just do what pleases u, because they will only appreciate you only at that moment when they needed you after that they have forgotten, next thing you go hear if you no do am another person go do am, human forget kindness easily. THE QUEEN ”

Taking to the comment section of the post, Portable and Bewaji exchanged words as he blasts her for being ungrateful.


The controversy continues on social media, with no apparent end in sight.

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