“She Wanted To Hand Over All Her Properties To me Before She Diied” – Husband of Late Gospel Singer, Egbin Orun ‎

During his late wife’s funeral, the late gospel singer Morenikeji Ebin Orun’s husband shared some information about her background, throwing light on their relationship and the events that followed her tragic death.

Since Morenikeji Egbin Orun passed away, more details about what happened to her kids and possessions have come to light.

The divorcing couple revealed in a widely shared video that his ex-wife had stated she intended to give him all of her belongings. He turned down her offer, though, and advised her to get legal counsel in order to handle her affairs properly, stressing the significance of creating a will.

In addition, the man said that his ex-girlfriend knew she was going to die. Looking back on their seven years together, which came to an end in 2019 following the birth of two children, he said that even if they were no longer together, he was still doing his part as a parent.

Summary of what the man said: ‘We lived together for 7 years. We parted in 2019 but we were communicating. We were good friends. She had her two kids for me. She was a wonderful woman. We loved each other but God knows best about our separation. She never prevented me from seeing my children and I perform my responsibilities over them. She has paid their school fees in advance till they finish secondary school. Once they finish secondary school, I will take it up from there. In January, she called me that she wanted to hand over all her property to me so that our children’s education could continue but I refused. I told her to get a lawyer and make a will’ -Prophetess Egbin Orun’s ex-husband

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