“Making an entrance like no other” – Secondary school students arrive at graduation party in style by helicopter and convoy (Watch) ‎

Some Ugandan graduands attending Elite high school landed at their school prom in a helicopter and a convoy of exquisite cars.

A trending video shared via TikTok showed the rich kids flaunting their dates as they came down from their luxurious cars.

One of the students came to the event in an helicopter alongside his prom date and this left netizens in awe.

The video was captioned: “See Prom scenes from Elite High School in Entebbe, Uganda.”

@bmconfirmed reacted: “Abeg na high school or university dey do prom?Cos this are not giving high school o.”

@bshizzle70a reacted: “This can’t be HIGH SCHOOL PROM. They are way too old to be in High school.”

@martinii_ said: “These old men and women are still in high school?”

@olayeni02 said: “Just a bunch of rich kids enjoying themselves in a country that is ravaged by extreme poverty.”

@oligbinoble reacted: “Africa with her Sad Mentality. Anyone seeing this would think Uganda is a rich country but alas it’s a Haven for Poverty & A Poor Educational System. What we would be delighted to see is a School system that Solves Problems and engages in Production not showing off the efforts of another country’s school system. The country that produces these cars and helicopters don’t show off like this even in their elite schools.”

Watch the video below:

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