“I met my wife before I had money and she still accepted me even though I was brôke.” Davido‎ ‎

“I met my wife before I had money and she still accepted me even though I was brôke.” Davido

“I was telling a rich friend of mine who’s single the other day that when you’re rich, it’ll be hard to find a woman who truly loves you. Anytime when I’m on the phone with my wife, he’ll be like has everything in this world but he can’t find a woman who genuinely loves him. I met my wife before I had money and fame. I always feel like if I didn’t meet her then, and I was still single now and I met a girl, I know that she won’t love me but she will love Davido. That’s why to me, my own success is when I’m doing something and I see everybody around me who’s been with me right from my early beginnings. Whether it’s awards, concerts or when I bought my first Rolls Royce. I remember when I bought my first Rolls Royce, I went to my cousin who used to talk about the cars we’ll buy and we celebrated together. When you blow up, don’t start hanging out with different people, always keep the people that were there with you from the beginning. It gives me joy watching the people who were with me when I was bróke rejoice because we finally made it. Right now when any of my family members misses a flight, they’ll just call me and say “David, I just missed my flight but I said I’m your cousin, just show your face” and when I do, it’s a new flight ticket for free.” Davido

Davido’s wedding is tagged “The Gathering Of Billionaires ” not just to celebrate his wedding with his beloved wife, Chioma but to celebrate his GRASS TO GRACE story. Davido’s story serves as a motivation to every hustler out there that no matter how difficult things are, you can still leave from $0 to $100-million🥲

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