Massive Reaction As Naira Marley’s Younger Sister And Zinoleesky Girlfriend Gave Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy For A Married Man (Details) ‎

According to rumors, singer Shubomi, Zinoleesky’s ex-lover, had a child for a married guy.
A social media frenzy has been sparked by Gistlovers’ public release of the gist.

In a lengthy post, anonymous blogger Gistlovers details how Zinoleesky’s ex-girlfriend Shubomi became pregnant for a married man following a one-night affair in Lebanon and refused to have the pregnancy terminated after learning that the man was wealthy.

The man, known to Gistlovers as Doshlowkey, was accused of cyber fraud by them. They told the story of how he met Shubomi in Lebanon and had transactional s3x with her, only for her to return pregnant.

Gistlovers continued, saying that Shubomi had to have a dangerous caesarean section to give birth to her child on February 28, Doshlowkey’s birthday, rather than March 12, the day the doctor advised. Shubomi did this out of spite for Doshlowkey’s wife.

Read the gist below:

“Hello tueh tueh, GLB NATION Otun ti zeh ooo, meet the popular Yahoo boy dosh lowkey wey give Shubomi Naira Marley by force sister, Zino ex belle, details on how she opted for operation just to birth her baby on the same day as dosh birthday just to pepper dosh wife and the third baby mama.details on how dosh was deported from Cyprus days after welcoming a child with shubomi.

Story story , story, once upon a time, time time in a city called Mushin OLOOSHA in the heart of Lagos Mainland , there live a young man named Aladeyekun Stephen now popularly known as Doshlowkey, His early life were a bit rough but he started his yahoo game right in the popular slum named mushin, along the line he met a lady named Naomi and fell in love with her, their love story dated back to when dosh no get kobo for hand and finally when things begin set for dosh, him marry Naomi and them born, Naomi and dosh have being together for 6years now and dosh don hit am big for this him yahoo yahoo business, dosh is popularly on Snapchat for his lavish lifestyle just like hush puppies, this made him a prey to all owo epo girls and everybody want lick inside the soup, one thing sha led to another na so dosh go give one lady belle for southy ooo, Naomi cry and crode, the deed has been done, she accepted it like that and move on not until shubomi own came into the picture.

Shubomi meet dosh in one of her numerous parol for lebanon, as 1 night stand, he knack am without condom and paid her for the night and their matter end for Lebanon, on getting back to lagos na him she see say dosh nah big boy but married with a kid, she tried to keep@in touch but dosh talk say business na business, he don end for Lebanon, three months after shubomi resurfaced with belle, dosh knowing he is in another gbege with his wife begged shubomi to please abort the pregnancy,shubomi demanded for 1 million and dosh give am the money only for her to re surface with her mama, the mama begin threaten dosh say that pikin shubomi Go Born am say no be only dosh wife tjem do Better thing for , as a Lagos island mama wey get long leg she talk say anybody wey want stop her pikin go d1e untimely , long story short na so shubomi begin threaten dosh say she go expose am, shubomi wey be say na Apartment she Dey live before , she and her mama open shop for dosh head begin extort am , them say make she buy house for them and Gwagon, them sha Dey drag the matter, one way or the other naso Naomi dosh wife takes know , she was heartbroken , after all the people dem wey them don do for us ontop snap, shubomi Ger belle for dosh of all people , the humiliation plenty love, immediately shubomi see say Naomi don know like this na so competition start ooo, she begin throw shade, begin call dosh to come too the belle make I no tey ontop their own matter as plenty Matter still Dey queqe .

Young girls on Instagram , una see say slow and steady win the race , if nor be vawulence headquarters naso she go post edited picture and Ian go begin shout God when , all these yeyebrities una better pass them oo, the only difference between una be say tjem ger plenty followers, otan, tou have no idea wetin them Dey do behind closed doors oo, the hustle is real, make una sabi wetin una Go Dey tap ooo, na so shubomi take use her oyun eye take pursue dosh comot for instagram and Cyprus ooo, igi ewedu oni wo pawa ooo, Ani shey one night stand daran ooo, i come in peace.”

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