Meet 10 Late Yoruba Actors and Actresses We Won’t Forget And Why It Will Take Long To Replace Their Role (Photos)

When actors, filmmakers and fans woke up on Sunday (yesterday), they did not expect that they would be thrown into another round of mourning after crying in quick succession over the deaths of some notable personalities in the industry in the space of some days. But, that was exactly what happened when news filtered in that an actor and filmmaker, Murphy Afolabi, had passed on that morning.

Afolabi, who acted in Yoruba movies, was said to have fallen in the bathroom at his house in Ikorodu, Lagos, on Sunday morning, May 14, 2023.

A filmmaker and the president of a guild of Yoruba movie directors, Seun Olaiya, shared the sad news on a WhatsApp platform populated by filmmakers. He was corroborated by the Managing Director of the popular movie marketing company, Corporate Pictures Nigeria Limited, Abdullahi Abdulrasaq.

Olaiya wrote, “I swear to God just before the news, I was still hailing him. This is really a rude shock to me.”

A showbiz personality and convener of the Best of Nollywood Awards, Seun Oloketuyi, also confirmed the news to our correspondent. He said, “It is true. He passed away after taking a fall in his bathroom at his house in Ikorodu this morning.”

Another filmmaker, Tunde Ola-Yusuf, posted a picture of the late actor on Facebook and added the quote, “Rest in peace. May God give the family and close associates the fortitude to bear the loss. Good night, Murphy Afolabi.”

Yet another filmmaker, Fidelis Duker, wrote, “What is really happening? I am just watching him in a movie now.”

A film director and the organiser of the popular comedy show, ‘Night of a Thousand Laughs’, Opa Williams, added, “So, death is becoming this cheap?”

A veteran actress, Kofoworola Atanda, popularly known as Madam Kofo, wrote, “So sad. May the supreme Almighty Allah rest the gentle soul of actor, Murphy Afolabi, in absolute peace and grant his loved ones the grace to bear this unfortunate loss…Masha Allahu.”

Another actress, Dayo Amusa, expressed her grief on Instagram. Posting a picture of the deceased, she wrote, “We celebrated your birthday just a few days ago. I am deeply sad and shocked on hearing this sad news. Oku nsunkun oku (the dead is crying for the dead). Death is hard and cruel. I pray that may his soul rest in peace.”

Disbelievingly, a popular actor, Odunlade Adekola, posted a pitch-black image and added the caption, “Jesus Christ. We lost Murphy.”

A popular comedian, Gbenga Adeyinka, wrote, “I am in total shock. May God grant you eternal rest, Murphy.”

Actress, Liz Da-Silva, posted a picture of a lit candle on Instagram and added the caption, “Hmm…Murfiano, as I call him. Oku nsunku oku (the dead is crying for the dead). Rest in peace is so difficult to write, but I wish you a peaceful exit as you face your next journey that no human can explain.”

An actor and filmmaker, Damola Olatunji, shared a picture of the deceased on Instagram and added the caption, “Murphy, but why? We all celebrated your birthday on May 5, not knowing it was you saying goodbye.

“Vanity upon vanity, everything we do is ‘vanity’, empty, futile and short-lived. It doesn’t matter if you’re wise or a fool ultimately, because everyone ends up dying. Rest on, bruv. Sunnnre ooo (rest in peace).”

Another actor, Kunle Afod, wrote, “Black weekend in the industry. We lost four people in the space of two days. Rest in peace, Murphy Afolabi, Saint Obi, Adidigba, and Techno Sound.”

Born on May 5, 1974, Afolabi got into the movie industry in 2001. Prior to that, he had studied Theatre Arts and Film Production at the Osun State Polytechnic, Iree. He appeared in over 60 movies before his death, including ‘Ifa Olokun’, ‘Omowunmi’, ‘Jimi Bendel’, ‘Wasila Coded’, ‘Olokiki Oru’, and ‘Idera’.

Barely 24 hours earlier, news had filtered in that a veteran actor, Saint Obi, had passed on at the age of 57 after a protracted illness. He was said to have battled the undisclosed sickness for months before he finally succumbed to the cold hands of death.

A report by a blogger, EmDee David, claimed that the actor passed away in Jos, Plateau State, some days ago, but there has been no confirmation or denial of that from his family, colleagues and other sources.

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